‘Dream big or go home’

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Dreams are successions of images, ideas, emotions and sensations that occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep’.

But the dreams that I am referring to in this blog post are personal defined ‘dreams’ about a future state of something of somewhat. Dreams that you and I define as something you really desire and would like to realize in the ‘near’ future. Another way to express this kind of ‘dreams’ is to refer to it as: personal wishes. My motivation regarding my personal ‘dreams’ can be best expressed with the quote: ‘Dream big or go home’!

The bigger picture

I think we can define wishes in two ways, namely short term wishes and long term wishes. If you are dreaming of a wealthy life and all the perks that are included with this kind of lifestyle you can see this as a personal long term wish or dream. But to fulfill this wish you have to complete certain steps to reach this goal. The steps to reach this goal can be defined as more short term wishes in this bigger picture. But to realize this dream into reality is a difficult procedure, but there are different theories that can help you with solving this problem.

The spiral of creation

One theory that can help you with realizing your wishes is a theory defined by Marinus Knoope called the ‘spiral of creation’It is a simple and compact model that describes 12 steps that you have to follow to materialize your personal dreams/wishes. To apply this model regarding my own wishes and to apply it in my ‘bigger picture’ I choose to include my short and long term wishes.

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Realizing my dreams

My long term wish or dream is to live a wealthy and social life that gives me satisfaction. But before this long term dream can be realized I first have to realize some short term wishes. One important dream is to finish my masters in Accounting and Strategic Management at Tilburg University. If you apply the ‘spiral of creation’ framework to this wish you can see that I am almost at the end of the spiral at step 10: Persevering. But to fulfill my long term dream I have also other dreams I want to realize in the near future. One of them is to create my own company and to become a successful entrepreneur. And one of my ideas to realize this is to turn my hobby into my ‘work’. The hobby I am referring to is not an ‘average’ hobby as you could say; my hobby is brewing my own beer! I started this hobby with a couple of friends and it has become a fulfilling journey. My dream is eventually to create my own brand and to put this on the market. And because of my business economics background I can turn my gained knowledge into practice in a very interesting way.

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The road to cover

But before realizing my dream I have a lot of road to cover. If you apply the ‘spiral of creation’ framework to my ‘beer brand dream’ you can discover that I am only at the beginning of the circle at step 5: Researching. This framework showed me that I have to actively try to realize my dream and that I have to play a much more active role because my dream will not fulfill itself. But referring back to my quote ‘dream big or go home’, you may think my idea is over ambitious and hard to realize but as Steve Jobs would say: ‘stay hungry, stay foolish’!

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